Great Lakes Asphalt Services provides asphalt repair and maintenance to protect your investment

Unsealed asphalt surfaces deteriorate and break down due to both natural and human elements.  This leaves it cracked, pitted, faded, and stained. Which inevitably leads to extensive repairs or even replacement of your asphalt. 

Asphalt sealcoating is common sense insurance for asphalt pavements. Preventive asphalt maintenance is more economical and cost effective than expensive pavement repairs and replacement.  Sealcoating blacktop parking lots not only saves you a substantial amount of money in the long run, it also helps protect asphalt surfaces from the damaging effects of gas, oil, salt and chemicals that soften and weaken the pavement’s strength and eventually destroy it. 

Sealcoating shields against the ultraviolet rays of the sun which harden and dry out asphalt causing accelerated raveling and erosion.  All areas are inspected to ensure proper treatment prior to sealcoating.  Our team thoroughly cleans the asphalt surface using power sweepers, power blowers and wire brooms to guarantee the work area is clean and ready to be sealcoated.

The good news is with preventive maintenance problems can be prevented! 

Whether you need to maintain your residential driveway or your commercial business parking lot, sealcoating and crack filling will help extend the life of your asphalt and keep it looking and working great for years to come.  Our sealant is designed to withstand the harsh conditions that Northern Michigan is known for.  Protecting your asphalt from harmful UV rays, freeze/thaw cycles, and the damage that salt and plowing are notorious for.

Service Area

We work all over Northern Michigan from Traverse City, through Charlevoix, East Jordon, Ellsworth, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Boyne City and Boyne Falls.  We have even done multiple projects in Alanson, Brutus, Pellston and Mackinaw City.  Wherever you may need asphalt expertise, we will be there to get your project done right.

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Great Lakes Asphalt Services (Formerly Forest Shores Asphalt Services) is an asphalt sealing and repair company based in Charlevoix, MI.

We provide a complete, professional asphalt maintenance service to Northern Michigan Businesses and Private Residents. 


Here at Great Lakes Asphalt Services, we strive to always provide the best services to maintain your asphalt because we know our customers take pride in their homes and businesses.


Our business is based on providing quality services and customer satisfaction. So, as our customer, you can feel confident that we will do our best to make your experience with us a good one.



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